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The Mutuals Club, Savannah's hottest authentic adult nightclub, was created from the start as a real fun venue for very mature 25+ and beyond adults to step-out for genuinely enjoyable evenings.
We Pride Ourselves on providing a memorable grown folks night out, with all the entertainment and atmosphere that keep visitors coming back. Expect our funky-hot DJ dance floor, comedy shows, a variety talent showcase, prize money contests, tasty dishes and a wide selection of real adult drinks to make your Tuesday through Saturday evenings just right for Savannah nights.
Bring Friends, Make New Friends or just hang loose and enjoy the kind of adult fun only we can provide. Leave your worries and pretense behind — Mutuals Club is your Savannah hot spot.
Enjoy Our Double Dose of the Phatt Katz Comedy night and our surprising Tuesday lip sync talent contest. Then, our Friday $2 admission Lady's Night (gents surely welcomed) — plus the unpredictable Saturday Grown and Sexy Night.
Unpretentious Adult Nighttime Fun, hysterical comedy, totally mature adult entertainment is what we do. Join us. You'll always be in good company on our side of the tracks. The Mutuals Club, where good friends and new acquaintances meet.

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3030 Barnard Street Corner of Pearl Street
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Mutual Benevolent Society 1876 Shield

About the Mutual Benevolent Society

Shortly following the post-Civil War collapse of the Reconstruction era in the mid-1870s the position of Black leadership status in Savannah, Georgia, began to deteriorate. Jim Crow segregation laws, which greatly affected the political and civic growth of the Blacks in Savannah, were passed and put into action. African American politicians were denied their rightful legally elected seats in the Georgia General Assembly. Legal ethnic discrimination based on antebellum customs emerged as a repressive system under certain existing southern US laws. Due to these very unpleasant circumstances a group of Black men, all freeborn with the exception of one, met at 18 South Broad Street (renamed Oglethorpe Avenue) on Monday, the 10th of January in 1876, and organized The Mutual Benevolent Society. The social-civic group was specifically organized in an effort to help uplift the existing socioeconomic status of the growing African American population and its leadership in Savannah — providing spiritual, financial and social support for Savannah's Black orphans and widows.

The following officers were elected at this meeting:

James Porter......................................President

William H. Woodhouse.........................Vice President

Frank Mirault.....................................Secretary

James Anderson.................................Treasurer

The remaining charter members include:
John R. Artson, Charles De LeMotto, Capt. Guthry K. DesVerney, Robert Giles, Albert Jackson, Christopher L. Brown, John H. Deveax, Samuel E. Edwards, Charles Hernandez, Ulysses Houston, Josiah Lloyd, Thomas A. Milledge, Andrew Monroe, Capt. Louis M. Pleasant, Major William H. Royall, Capt. Samuel F. Spaulding, Edmond Branham, Capt. Louis B. Toomer., Sr. Richard White, Emanuel Houston, Charles McDowell, Capt. Henry M. Tuner, Charles C. Middleton. Dr. William Pollard, William S. Roberton, Ducan S. Scott, James M. Simms, Thomas F. Ferrabee, and James C. Butler.

By 1889, more than half of the above men had dropped out due to death, departure from the city, or physical infirmity. This normal attrition was augmented, by the initiation of the following new members into the society between 1880 and 1899 and was the second generation Mutual: George S. Williams, Joe Dowse, Capt. Sol. C. Johnson, Robert H. Lowe, E.W. Sherman, Walter S. Scott, Dr. Linton S. Parks, Leigh B. Maxwell, Major Richard R. Wright, David Waters, Nelson Cuyler, William S. Fields, Frank Nutail, Merrick Miller, Lachland M. Pollard, Capt. Thomas A. Davis, Joseph M. Greene, Capt. Joseph H. Johnson, Dr. Charles Nelson, Cyrus M. Campfield, and Thodeus Myrell.

By 1900 the society changed its course from an almost strictly political and civic objective to a socioeconomic movement and organized a new society in 1905 known as The Savannah Men’s Sunday Club which continued the struggle in the political arena. This club was the nucleus of the Savannah Branch NAACP with Lt. Col. W.H. Woodhouse, Charles D. LaMotto, Capt. A.K. Desverny, James M. Simms, Edmond Branham, Charles C. Middleton, Sr. Dr. William Polland, Louis M. Pleasant, Maj. William H. Royall, Capt. Samuel F. Spaulding, Thomas E. Ferrabee, Louis B. Toomer, Sr., Lachland M. Polland, Frank Callen, Sam Brown, Paul E. Perry. L.D. Williams, Roland Geiger, James H. Delorme, J.W. Wilson, T.J. Hopkins, Bennie Gains, Joseph S. Adkins, Frederick Owens, Matthew S. Brown, Louis D. Vaughns, M.C. Blount, Blanton Black, Walter Bogan, Joseph Adkins, Elisha hall, Robert F. Deloach, and Walter Simmons.

Past Presidents of the Young Mutuals were: C.C. Middleton, L.M. Pollard, E.J. Smith, N.W. Este, L.B. Toomer, J.H. Law, L.S. Preister, John McIntosh, Raleigh Macon, Willie Mcneil, james J. Edwards, Oscar Greene, R.W. Moore, L.L. Scott, J.R. Jenkins, Clarence Wright, Thomas S. Beaton, Sidney A. Jones, Samuel Tucker, Charlie Jenkins, and Willie Fleming.

Contributions to the Savannah city community by members of this society approach the proximity of a Who’s Who Honor roll as indicated below:

More than 16 streets, 5 schools, plus several building and facilities have honored members by being named in their memory, some of them are as follows:

Walter S. Scott Jr. — Scott Alternative

Robert W. Gadsden — Gadsden Middle School, Gadsden Elementary

Martin G. Haynes Haynes Elem. Closed

James H.C. Butler Butler Elementary Butler Elementary

Sol. C. Johnson Sol. C. Johnson High Sol. C. Johnson

William McKelvey:

Robert Giles: Tatumville

L.M. Pollard:

E.W. Sherman: Tatumville

James Porter: Carver Heights

George McKane McKane Hospital later known as Charity Hospital

Richard R. Wright Building at Savannah State College

Frank Callen Boys Club

J. Q. Adams Educational Building, Mount Zion Baptist Church

Simon F. Frazier Public Housing Project

Oscar Greene Sub-Division on Whitmarsh Island

William A. Harris Hospital formerly known as Charity

State University

Girls Club

Dr. C.B. Tyson, first Black Savannahian to own an automobile

Edward DesVerney, first Black publicly known for wealth in excess of $100,000

Robert E. Gadsden, first Black in Savannah to receive The Silver Beaver Award for scouting, and first member to live more than a hundred years.

William H. Royall, first Black to establish a mortuary in Savannah.

Josiah Lloyd, first Black father and son who returned to practice medicine in Savannah.

Richard R. Wright, first Black in Georgia to be a College president.

J.R. Jamison, first Black to practice dentistry in Savannah for over 60 years.

Jeremiah Cox, first Black in Savannah to negotiate a bank loan of one million dollars.

Boles C. Ford, first Black ever elected as alderman in the history of Savannah.

Leroy Brown, first Black alderman ever elected in the town of Thunderbolt.

IN THE PAST, ALL MEETINGS OF THE SOCIETY were held on a rotation basis and hosted by one of its members. On April 18, 1987 The Mutual Benevolent Society of 1876, Incorporated, purchased the building and property located at 3030 Barnard Street in Savannah, Georgia. This facility is used by the Society for its meetings, and for the entertainment of their guest. This facility also includes a restaurant and lounge and is administered by its membership. The Society is mandated to sponsor each year a spring, summer, fall, and winter entertainment event.

Past presidents of the Mutual Benevolent Society from 1978 to 2003 were Willie J. Fleming, Roy E. Thomas, Emmett Dennerson, Horace Magwood Jr., James S. Sanders, and Louis D. Vaughn.

Members of the Mutual Benevolent Society of 1876, Incorporated from 1978 to present: Joseph E. Adkins, Hayward Anderson, Walter Anderson Jr., Thomas Beaton, Charles Bennett, Walter Bennett, William Blake, Noeman Brown, Joseph Brown, Matthew Southall Brown, Raleigh Brown, Frank Bynes Sr., Raleigh Bynes, Charles Calfee, Earl Callaway, Genard Callaway, Edward Campbell, Arthur Clement Jr., William Cook, Ira Cooley, Alphonso, Isreal Davis, Robert Deloach, Richard Denny, George Dixon, Arthur Famble, Sr., Willie Fleming, Herman Flowers, Riley Franklin, William Frazier, Ben Geiger, Fredrick Glover, Levi Grant, Elisha Hall, Edward Harmond, Daniel Harris, Edward Harris, Samuel Harrison, Chabnus Hicks, Augusta Hill, R.R. Hogan, T.J. Hopkins, Starling Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Harry Blackshear, Alfred Blackshear, Walter Jarnigan, Charles Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins, Eugene Johnson, Clarence Johnson, Robert L. Bacon Marion Johnston, Alvin M. Jones, Alvin M. Jones Sr., Alvin Jones, Franklin Jones, Reno Jones, Robert Jones, Sidney A. Jones, Jr., Sidney A. Jones, Sr., Milburn Lewis, Bobby Lockett, Alexander Luten, John Lyons, Raleigh Macon, George S. May, Lawrence McKinney, Willie McNeil, John Merritt, Edward G. Miller, Richard Mills, Horace Mitchell, Richard Moore, Frank Mullino, Booker Newsome, Fred Owens, Arthur Pope, Edward Porter, Tellis Ramsey, Robert Ray, Henry Riley, Wilson C. Scott, Lorenza Sexton, Walter B. Simmons, Jr., Walter B. Simmons, Sr., Henry Singleton, Jr., John Singleton, Nathan Smalls, Edward Smith, Chester Spaulding, Everette Stephens, Henry Taylor, Roy E. Thomas, Joseph Torrance, Samuel E. Tucker, Harvey J. Tucker, Lewis D. Vaughns, William Weaver, Herbert White, Samuel White, Nolan Williams, James Wilson, William Wood, Tshaka Al Kush Malik, Charlie Brown, Roger Brown, Marvin Campbell, John Cochran, III, LaBronza Cotton, Robert Deloach, Lester Jackson, Jr., Lester Jackson, III, Grgory Jackson, Robert Jenkins, David Jones, Michael May, Albert McMillian, Leroy Maxwell, Larry McPherson, Levi Moore, James S. Sanders, Herman Spann, John Sapp, Bertran Scott, Brady Sweetenburg, Daniel Ferguson, Donald Gold, Samuel Young, Tony Wright, Sr., and Willie Yancey, II.

Sister clubs in the larger urban communities throughout the North and South. Between 1900 and 1920, the Mutual Benevolent Society continued to secure its strength from depletion by normal attrition, and during this twenty years period it initiated the following men into membership: EdmondsBranham, II, Thomas A. Milledge, II, Frank Curly, Sr. Charles Boggs, Robert Spaulding, Howard Stiles, Garret Scott, Mallie McNichols, Phillip Giles, John Bonfiellette, Paul E. Perry, Sr. Dr. J.R. Jemison, Dr. Phillip Cooper, Sr., George L. Smith, Toby Lloyd, Milledge Anderson, Robert W. Gadsden, Gillie Middleton, Buster Quinney, Jim Ferrabee, Charles Seigling, R. A. Harper, James A. Leake, Charles Allen, Dr. E. M. Pinckney, S.D. Rogers, Regis Renair, Dr. C.B. Tyson, Mack Branham, Nathnaiel Branham, Frank Callen, John Campbell, Bill Irvin, Dr. Clifford Hardwick, Sr., Marion O. O. Johnston, Robert Scott, Dan T. Jones, James Baldwin, Charlie Lawson, cahrlie campfield, Romeo Smith, James Monroe, Eugene Williams, Dr. C.C. Middleton, Jr., Louis B. Toomer, II, James Western, Sam King, Hazdl Skipper, Franklin Dilworth Sr., joe King, William Seabrooks, A.B. Singfield, Lucious Priester. Alphonso Roberts, Arthur Givens, Dr. I.D. Williams, Dr. George Mckane, Lucious Williams, Peter Houston, Earl Parks, Dr. A.S. Lafayette, Bill Hernandez, Sonnie Bulloch, Dr. S.F. Frazier, Gus Moore, Sam Brown, Dr. E.J. Smith, S.P. Carroll, John H. Law, Sr., Charlie Walker, Duman J. Scott, Atty. Foster B. Petty, Eddie Heard, J. W. Whitman, James R. Davis, Albert Jackson, II, Capt. John Starr, Atty. John G. lemon, D.J. Hall, Eugene weathers, Peter Denegal, Dr. Williams A. Harris, James H. Butler, Thad Toomer, Joe L. Jackson, Dr. N.W. Este, Lawrence Sales, and D.C. Robertson.

In 1920, the society met on problems of disenchantment and by January 1921, the issues became irreconcilable and the society bifurcated into two branches, one known as the Old Mutuals and the other the Young Mutuals.

The Old Mutuals were as follows pursuant to bifurcation: Milton S. Robertson, Charlie Sigling, S. Thad Toomer, Joseph L. Jackson and Nathaniel Branham, Capt. John Starr, Sam Brown, J.F. Jones, Percy E. Miller, Mack Branham, Sol C. Johnson, Mallie McNichols, Lucious Willimas, R.A. Harper, Paul E. Perry, Sr., D.C. Roberston, Jimmy Dowse, George L. Smith,  and Attorney John G. Lemon.

The Young Mutuals were as follows: Dr. Charles C. Middleton, Walter S. Scott, Marion O. Johnston, Hazel Skipper, Lachlan M. Pollard, Dr. B.W. Este, James R. Davis, W.L. Whitman, Robert Scott, Duncan J. Scott, David Parkhurst, and Lucious Prieter.

The first President of the Old Mutuals was Paul E. Perry and its secretary was Perry E. Miller. The first president of the young Mutuals was Dr. Charles C. Middleton and its secretary was Marion O. Johnston . In 1924, the U.S. District.

Mutuals Club - Savannah Georgia
Mutuals Club Coming Events Mutuals Club Flashback On Past Events Mutuals Club Tonight Mutuals Club Kitchen Menu Link

3030 Barnard Street
Corner of Pearl Street
Near East 46th Street)
Savannah, Georgia 31405-2008

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About the Mutual Benevolent Society of Savannah, Georgia

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